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Tip: LullaBeebs is BOM

only! Never wear a hide body

or hide head alpha with it!


Tip: LullaBeebs does not

use the SL UV. Only wear skins specifically made for it!

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Troubleshooting and Q&A

LullaBeebs Inworld Avatar is a bot. If you need assistance please start here. If your issue is not solved by these troubleshooting tips, please click the CONTACT button above to leave me a message.

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Q. Where can I purchase the LullaBeebs Infant Avatar?

A. Currently it is only available inworld. Click here for Landmark.

Q. Where can I purchase products compatible with LullaBeebs Infant Avatar?

A. For the first 6 months after release, all products made for LullaBeebs Infant will be available at the inworld store only.

Q. Can I wear any BOM skin on LullaBeebs body?

A. No. The LullaBeebs Infant Body has it's own special UV. It is not compatible with the SL UV. Only skins made specifically for the LullaBeebs Infant Body will work correctly.

Q. Can I wear alphas made for other bodies on the LullaBeebs Infant Body?

A. No. The LullaBeebs Infant does not use the Second Life UV. Only wear alphas created for LullaBeebs Infant body.

Q. Can I wear clothing layers made for other bodies?

A. No. The LullaBeebs Infant must only wear clothing layers that are made specifically for the LullaBeebs Body.

Q. How can I hide my belly button?

A. Use your LullaBeebs HUD (alpha menu) to hide your belly button.

Q. Is LullaBeebs Infant Body Omega compatible?

A. No. Omega uses the Second Life UV. LullaBeebs does not use the Second Life UV.

Q. What heads can I wear on the LullaBeebs Infant Body?

A. Due to it's tiny size, the only heads that will fit the body are heads designed for the LullaBeebs Body.

Q. Why don't all the sliders work to edit my shape?

A. Both the body and heads for the LullaBeebs Infant are hybrid Bento.
This means some sliders will work and some will not.
The simplest answer is that the size of the avatar requires the bone positions to change and therefor sliders that use translation movement will not function the same way they do for a larger skeleton.
When editing your shapes on the body or head, be aware that many of the sliders do not work and the ones that do work may not work the way you are used to.

Q. Where can I find hair for the LullaBeebs Infant?

A. We are currently working to produce more baby hair styles. Be sure to join our social media sites and our inworld group for announcements. You can also re-size most unrigged hairs to fit if you prefer.

Q. Will mesh clothing meant for other small avatars work on the LullaBeebs Infant Body?

A. No. Only clothing made for the LullaBeebs Infant Body will fit the body.

Q. How do I become a creator for the LullaBeebs Infant Body?

A. Click on the Designers App in the header menu to apply.

If you are not an official creator for LullaBeebs, do not use our logo on your ads. Our logo is only to be used with permission. 
If you want to be considered as a future designer, please fill out the application 

Q. My avatar got stuck in an animation, how do I fix my avatar?

A. If your avatar gets stuck in an animation, un-deform your avatar, take off the mesh attachment that you're having an issue with and then put it back on.
Second Life occasionally will make you appear deformed on others viewers. When this happens, have the other user reset your avatar on their end. To do this, the person seeing you as deformed must right click on your avatar.

This will bring up a pie menu the user can navigate to more>more>reset skeleton and animations and click that.

A1. You cannot use other HUD's with this body. We will not customer service issues you create by using an animation not meant for this body or head. Example: Your tongue gets stuck sticking out of your mouth because you are using the Toddledoo HUD or some other HUD or animation not made for this tiny head. 

Q. How do I get a redelivery?

A. Redelivery is available at the inworld store. You also have a 'Deliver Me" mini HUD in your package that you may wear & click.

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