Event Application

JUNE 15 - JULY 9


Terms & Agreement


1. Items must be NEW (no resize, no retexture, no recolor), EXCLUSIVE (only to this event, please read #6) & ORGINAL MESHES (for sponsor & regular booths) Fullperm meshes are now accepted and will have their designated booths.

2. No copyright in any way, shape or form. 

3. Each designers are allowed to use the ff number of prims: Sponsor 70 ; Regular 30 ; Fullperm Users (not creators) 20 Keep your items inside your booth.

4. Booths Sizes:

        10 Sponsor (lvl 1)

        2 Sponsor (lvl 2- near the stairs)

        10-14 Regular sized (lvl 2 - sides)

        4-6 Fullperm users (lvl 2 - back)

5. Sponsor 1: 1500L ; Sponsor 2: 1000L ; Regular 500L ; Fullperm: 300L (no payment, no booth)

6. Items are for LullaBeebs Infant Avatar only. Keep your items exclusive to this event. Once the event round is over, you may sell your items for other bodies at other events and at your own stores. If you cannot follow this rule, your booth will be returned.

7. Items must be set up no later than midnight SLT on the 14th of the month. Empty booths will be closed afterwards. No Refunds.

8. We will open at 11 am SLT.

9. If you have any issues or questions, kindly contact Sunsetdream28 inworld / sunsetdream#4378 discord

Please note that this application is open for items that fits or is for LullaBeebs Infant Avatar. This includes Apparel, Accessories, Hair, Skin, Shape, Furnitures, Animations, Poses & etc.

Announcement & Reminders will be via Inworld Group Notice. Please make sure to check it.

Make sure you READ the TERMS & AGREEMENT before you tick the box.

Booth Options:

Please have at least 2-3 options just incase the other one is no longer available. Not applicable to fullperm users

Shape & Pose stores will be assigned to Regular Spot

thank you!

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